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December 28, 2013

 Aerophilately 2014

September 12-14, 2014  

American Philatelic Center, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

 Aerophilately 2014 is a special national philatelic exhibition approved by the

American Philatelic Society with FIP Recognition and world-wide participation.

Advance Bulletin

Attention: Speakers/Authors

Eighth Postal History Symposium - 2014

The eighth Postal History Symposium is scheduled for Sept. 12–14, 2014 at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte, PA, in conjunction with Aerophilately 2014 a national all-air mail philatelic exhibition with FIP recognition and worldwide participation hosted by the American Air Mail Society.

Topic:                    "Development of Transoceanic Air Mail Service"
Event Location:      American Philatelic Center, Bellefonte, PA
Call for Papers:      Deadline for Paper Proposals May 1, 2014. Application Form  

The Symposium is co-sponsored by the APS, APRL, and Smithsonian National Postal Museum. The Symposium committee is Tara Murray (APRL), Steve Reinhard (APS), Tom Lera (NPM), and Jim Graue (AAMS). A call for papers is available on the APS website and has been promoted via the Philatelic Literature Review, AP, and AAMS and NPM websites. It will be forwarded to academic history departments in Pennsylvania and surrounding regions. Suggestions for other avenues of promotion are welcome. The deadline for paper proposals is
May 1, 2014, and as of early February, 5 proposals have been received.

In addition to symposium panels scheduled on Friday and Saturday, the weekend will include
exhibits, a bourse, and 3 aerophilatelic talks (coordinated by the AAMS), as well as tours of the Match Factory, a presentation on APRL resources related to air mail, and on Saturday evening a banquet featuring the symposium keynote and Aerophilately awards.

The American Philatelist has proposed an all air mail edition to accompany the event and has issued a call for papers for that special edition.


Attention: Exhibitors

Exhibit Application and Prospectus

            The Prospectus (Regulations) and Official Entry Form for Aerophilately 2014 are now available on both of the following sites:
American Philatelic Society website and here:  Prospectus

 Deadline for receipt of entries is May 1, 2014.


Only exhibits of one (1), five (5) and eight (8) frames will be accepted.

 Exhibit Classes

                Class 1. Aerophilately
Class 2. Astrophilately  
Class 3. Traditional, limited to airmail stamp issues only.
lass 4.  Airmail postal history
Class 5. Thematic, limited to airmail, aviation or astro subjects.
Class 6. Postal Stationery, limited to airmail postal stationery only     
Class 7. One frame exhibits of the above classes

 FIP Recognition    

On Saturday, November 23, 2013, the FIP Board, meeting at Brasilia, approved Aerophilately 2014 to be a FIP Recognition Exhibition. International qualified exhibits, both 5 frame and 8 frame, will be judged at full FIP level.

Dr. Peter McCann will be responsible for any FIP-related issues as a member and team leader on the jury.

A formal confirming letter from the FIP Secretary General has been received.

 FIP Director Peter McCann reported that the FIP Board was very positive about Aerophilately 2014 as they see it as a good step in confirming relationships between FIP and its individual Member Federations. They hope Aerophilately 2014 will serve as a model for future smaller national and regional exhibitions to request FIP Recognition for specialized shows.

 All exhibits qualified for an FIP exhibition will be awarded FIP-recognized medals.

 Exhibits not qualified for FIP recognition will be awarded APS-recognized national level medals.

We see FIP Recognition as a major advantage in view of the upcoming international philatelic exhibition at New York in 2016. There is limited space at Bellefonte, so there will be no "open" (i.e., non-competitive) class.

 Exhibit Fees

            Exhibit fees are very simple and reasonable:  |
$50.00 Entry Fee plus $10.00 per frame. Single Frame = $60.00, Five Frames = $100.00, and Eight Frames = $130.00. No other exhibit sizes will be accepted. These fees apply to all exhibits, whether or not FIP qualified.

 Aerophilately 2014 Committee

                                    Stephen Reinhard, APS President

                                    Ken Martin, APS Executive Director

                                    Peter McCann, FIP Director

                                    Jim Graue, AAMS President

                                    Stephen Schumann

                                    Patrick Walters

 Aerophilately 2014 Jury

                                   FIP-Accredited Jury:

                                   Stephen Reinhard, Jury Presidsent and Team Leader

                                   Peter McCann, Team Leader

                                   Mark Banchik

                                   Santiago Cruz (Colombia)

                                   Stephen Schumann

                                  Charles Verge (Canada)

 Hotel Information

Exhibition Hotel:       
Best Western Plus University Park Inn & Suites
115 Premiere Dr, State College PA 16801

(814) 234-8393
Rate: $72.00 (APS rate)

Book reservations directly to this hotel by phone or email.  Do not use “Central Reservations.” Space is limited and reservations should be made as soon as possible.


Donations Needed

It is the FIP Recognition that drives our need for donations, as there is an FIP  Recognition fee of 5,000 CHF (Swiss Francs). Coupled with other expenses (e.g., jury) we will need $10,000, so that is the target for donation revenue. Please send donations to AAMS Treasurer Stephen Reinhard, Box 110, Mineola NY 11501. Donations should be made payable to AAMS with “Aero 2014” as the designated recipient in the memo space.



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