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American Air Mail Society

Founded 1923


Dedicated to the documentation, preservation, advancement and promotion of

aerophilately worldwide through education, study, research and services.



            The American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world., presently with more than 1,100 members world-wide. It is a non-profit organization, qualified under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code as tax-exempt..

            The AAMS is a member of the International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies (FISA).



AAMS Membership & Benefits

            AAMS membership is open to all who have an interest in or passion for airmail or aerophilately.

Annual Membership Fees

United States                          $30.00

Canada                                   $40.00

Mexico                                   $50.00

Other Nations                         $60.00
Additionally, we will charge an extra $3.00 to late dues payers who have required multiple notices


Membership includes a subscription to the Airpost Journal, the mailing costs of which are the primary driver of the membership fees.

            In addition to the Airpost Journal, other membership benefits include . . .

  • Discount of 20% on all other publications (books, catalogues, monographs)
  •    Annual Convention in conjunction with a major national philatelic exhibition in the United States. Exhibits, meetings, programs, awards, fellowship and sharing.
  • AAMS Auctions, three to five each year, held at various locations in the U.S. Auction listings appear on the AAMS website or can be ordered as hard-copy for a nominal fee to cover costs. Members (only) may bid in person, by mail, or by email.
  • Advance Bulletin Service provides notice of future first flights so collectors may arrange for covers to be flown.
  • Major Awards for service to aerophilately, service to the Society, research, and the Aerophilatelic Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement.
  • Literature Awards annually for the best article in the Airpost Journal and the most significant aerophilatelic book or catalog.
  • Exhibit Awards for outstanding aerophilatelic exhibits at national stamp shows.
  • AAMS Chapters (local or regional clubs/societies) affiliated with AAMS in many locations across the country.
  • AAMS Study Units focused on specialized subjects, e.g., Pan American, Lindbergh, Balloon Mail.

Annual Conventions and Meetings

The AAMS has held two conventions per year but has changed to one convention each year plus it will have a table and a general meeting at the summer APS StampShow each year.. The next few meetings are shown on the Future Meetings page and the planned activities for the Next Meeting are posted as soon as available.
Associated societies also hold aerophilatelic meetings during the year. The Metropoletean Air Post Society MAPS (www.metroairpost.com/) holds four meetings a year. The Canadian Aerophilately Society (www.aerophilately.ca) meets several times a year.

Further details on the AAMS meetings and conventions are available from:

    Kendall Sanford
    Convention Coordinator
    613 Championship Drive, Oxford, CT 06478-1298

Joining the AAMS

    To join the AAMS, you may download the  Membership Application Form, complete it, and mail it to:

      American Air Mail Society
      P.O. Box 110
      Mineola NY 11501-0110

    For general membership inquiries, contact:

Being a cooperative group, organized solely to assist airmail collectors, the American Air Mail Society and all its departments and services are not operated for profit. All AAMS officers, managers, and writers serve without compensation. Proceeds from all AAMS Services and Publications are returned to regularly audited accounts to support the AAMS , a Non-Profit organization registered in the State of Ohio, with full U.S. Government Tax-Exempt status.


The AAMS is a member of the International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies, FISA, Belgielaan 87, B-9070 Destelbergen, Belgium.


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