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AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE, Sixth Edition -- Volume 1
Consists of 517 pages listing U.S. Pioneer Flights, U.S.Governmental Flights,  U.S. Air Express Covers, Interrupted Flights, Airport Dedication Covers, and Mexico First Flight Covers. Completely revised and updated pricing.
Hardbound. -- $35.00
Special price to AAMS members  -- $28.00

AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE, Sixth Edition -- Volume 2
Published June 2003.
Consists of 588 pages listing FFUS (First Flights of U.S. Airlines since  deregulation in 1978), Glider Mail, and First Jet Flights. Completely  revised and updated pricing.
Hardbound. -- $35.00
Special price to AAMS members -- $28.00

AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE, Sixth Edition -- Volume 3
Published March 2005.
Consists of 486 pages listing FAM (Foreign Contract Air Mail Routes), Canal  Zone, and Alaska Flights. Completely revised and updated pricing.
Hardbound. -- $35.00
Special price to AAMS

 members  -- $28.00

AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE, Seventh Ed.-Volume 1. Published 2014.
Consists of 690 pages hardbound lisitng U.S. Contract Air Mail (CAM) routes 1-34, Philippine Islands and Foreign Flan U.S. Flights.
Hardbound. -- $75.00
Member Price -- $65.00

AMERICAN AIR MAIL CATALOGUE, Seventh Ed.-Volume 2. Published 2016.
Polar Philately
Hardbound. -- $75.00
Member Price -- $65.00

552-page priced catalogue of Canadian Pioneer flight covers,SCADTA,  Semi-Officials, Government flight covers, as well as specialized  Sections of airship, crash, balloon, helicopter, anniversary,  aerogrammes and air letter sheets, Canadian Forces and Warplane Heritage covers. Included also are historical Sections on Canadian Air Mail  Field cancels, airmail rates, endorsements and "Jusqu'a" markings,  astrophilately, and priced listings of Newfoundland airmail stamps and  flight covers.
Hardbound -- $35.00
Special price to AAMS members -- $28.00


The American Air Mail Society would like to announce the availability of seven different aerophilatelic programs.  They are PowerPoint 2010 presentations, showing covers and related material, along with spoken narration.  The following titles are available on CD-ROMs:

1.   Lindbergh’s Early Flights to the Canal Zone (FAM 5-1 and FAM 5-2) by Alan P. Bentz.
2.    Lindbergh’s Early Flights to the Canal Zone - Latin American Good Will Tour of 1928  
by Alan P. Bentz
3.    FAM-14 to Singapore Straits Settlements - under final development and will be  announced when it is completed.
 History and Scope of Aerophilately by Roger O. Gilruth
This program is all encompassing and is an ideal introduction to aerophilately and might inspire a new generation of collectors with its many facets to choose from
5.    Airships of the United States by Phillip J. Stager.
6.    CAM 9 – Chicago-Minneapolis  Route via Milwaukee, La Crosse  & Saint Paul – Inaugural Flights
by Ronald S. Sarson
7.    Collecting Air Crash Covers
by Kendall C. Sanford.
8.    Air Crash Covers of Pan American World Airways by Kendall C. Sanford.

The CDs are ideal for showing at stamp club meetings, for educational purposes or personal use. Each presentation is available for sale at a cost of $10.00 including postage.  Orders should be sent to:
Ken Sanford
613 Championship Driv
Oxford, CT 06478-3128
Accompanied by a check made payable to Ken Sanford.  Payment may also be made by PayPal to, but please add 50 cents to cover the PayPal fee.


O.A.T. AND A.V.2 MARKINGS - Third Edition
by Murray Heifetz.
Published March 2007
The main purpose of OAT and AV2 markings was to show transit instructions  when applied at the exchange office and alert postal officials that  transit by air to destination was required by the office of origin. This book greatly expands from the first and second editions coverage of OAT and AV2 markings from 1938-1974. Numerous covers are illustrated. 168  pages.
Softbound. $15.00

by Herbert H. Moll.
This 87 page monograph, eighth volume in the softcover series, covers the  early experimental flights made by Peruvians such as Jorge Chavez, the  first person to fly over the Andes, and Juan Bielouvic whom the author  knew personally. The early flights of the 1920's and 1930's are  chronicled, and the development of the Faucett and PANAGRA airlines are  discussed, with many illustrations of first flight covers. Inroads in  Peruvian aviation service made by European carriers such as Air France  and Lufthansa are covered in Chapter 4, and the book finishes with a  discussion of postal rates. Mr. Moll is a well known international  philatelist and judge, and published the first specialized catalog of  Peru in 1957.
Softbound $15.00

by Louis Chaintrier
translated from French by George W. Angers, Prof. Everett Thompson, and Joseph L. Eisendrath,
A 163-page volume containing the series of articles which ran for many  years in The Airpost Journal. Also included in this volume are many  hitherto unpublished photographs, an account of the Pigeon Post of the  same era by George Angers, and an updated French Balloon Post Section  (excluding prices) from the Fifth Edition of the American Air Mail  Catalogue. Hardbound -- $12.50
Special price to AAMS members (limited to one per member) -- $10.00

A 191-page compilation of over 60 individual articles by the venerable  Dr. Max Kronstein. This profusely illustrated book has a primarily  chronological format. All of Dr. Kronstein's widely-scattered Airpost  Journal articles on the postal rocket and related events are included in this volume. The period before World War II is broken down into groups  of articles on rocket developments in Europe, the U.S., and other  countries. Various experiments during World War II are in a single  chapter, while the postwar period concentrates on further progress in  the U.S., in Europe, and in Germany. A detailed table of contents  facilitates the location of articles on particular countries,  individuals, experiments, or years.
Hardbound -- $20.00
Special price to AAMS members (limited to one per member) -- $16.00

A Chronology of the Early U.S. Government Air Mail, March - December 1918
by A.D. Jones.
This is a 128-page large-sized monograph on the history of the first year of U.S. airmail service, replete with numerous photos of airmail covers,  planes, and pilots, as well as charts, graphs, maps, and timetables.  Many findings have never been published before. This is a history of  "flying by the seat of your pants."
Softbound. $15.00

by Simine Short.
This 262-page descriptive catalogue is arranged in four sections to aid in  the further study of glider mail. The most extensive section, a detailed compilation of glider mail flights in 220 pages, lists all reported  glider mail events from 1922 through 1986, including historical flight  accounts and the philatelic treatment of mail. The listings cover 34  countries, with 25 outline maps showing the approximate locations of  most events listed. More than 400 envelopes and cards, plus about 300  postmarks and vignettes, are reproduced throughout the more than 1,000  specific listings. The handbook's final pages are a chronological  cross-index and checklist.
Hardbound -- $20.00
Special price to AAMS members (limited to one per member) -- $16.00

MAX - I didn't get to know him very well
By A. D. Jones.
Chronicles the life of Max Miller, the first of the early U.S. airmail pilots. Mr. Miller's brief two year service with the Air Mail Service, having  joined after May 15, 1918, until his untimely death on September 1,  1920, is the story of the development of the transcontinental air mail  service. 132 pages.
Softbound. $15.00

This updated volume, first published in 1953, revises a work by the noted  British philatelist, Cyril H.C. Harmer. It contains 181 pages dealing  with the pioneering attempts to fly across the Atlantic from  Newfoundland, starting with the 1919 attempt by Hawker and Grieve, and  continuing up to the start of World War II. Both the successful flights  and failures are chronicled in detail; there are ample illustrations of  documents, correspondence relating to the postal aspects of the flight,  and the flown mail.
Hardbound -- $18.00
Special price to AAMS members (limited to one per member) -- $14.50

This 346-page book is the most comprehensive study of U.S. Pioneer airmail  flights and mail. It covers 99 different mail-carrying flights during  the period between 1910 and 1916, four of which have not yet been  included in the American Air Mail Catalogue. In its five chapters, the  author, noted Pioneer student Thomas J. O'Sullivan, provides details of  the pioneer flights, their pilots and experiences, and the mail they  carried. The book is replete with 273 illustrations of old news  accounts, aircraft and covers.
Hardbound -- $25.00
Special price to AAMS members (limited to one per member) -- $20.00

INDEXES TO THE AIRPOST JOURNAL, VOLUMES 1-60, 1929-1989 and AERO PHILATELIST ANNALS, VOLUMES 1-25, 1953-1971 and 1975-1982
This volume of nearly 200 pages is the first comprehensive indexing to  hundreds of topics of aerophilately, aviation, airlines and aeronautica. Nearly 900 subject headings covering over 150 pages are taken from the  issues of The Airpost Journal, published monthly by the AAMS since 1929. Over 225 subject headings constitute an additional 22 pages from the  Aero Philatelist Annals, a predominantly U.S. airmail journal published  between 1953 and 1982.
Hardbound -- $12.00
Special price to AAMS members (limited to one per member) -- $10.00

edited by Simine Short.
Included are sixteen articles -- U.S. domestic airmail rates from 1918 to 1977,  U.S. Zeppelin rates, German North Atlantic catapult covers and rates,  Chicago airport dedication covers, Canadian airmails from 1918-1934, the Lindbergh "Circle," the Jean Mermoz transatlantic flights of 1930, the  Concorde SST, and much more. Dozens of photos of airmail covers and many tables of airmail rates round out the book. This first AAMS book with  varied article content provides a far-reaching introduction to  aerophilately and astrophilately, with articles about topics from a 1870 Siege of Paris balloon flight to the world's first cosmograph.
Hardbound -- $20.00
Special price to AAMS members (limited to one per member) -- $16.00

The Flights of 1928, 1929, 1930, and 1933: A History and Catalog of Their Postal Artifacts
by Dr. Robert E. Lana.
Written by an Italian philatelic specialist, this 144-page monograph records  the history of Balbo's flights to various points between 1928 and 1933.  Included are many photos of the aviators and aircraft, as well as  listings and values for many of the stamps and covers flown by Balbo's  aircraft. Includes a Bibliography and Index.
Softbound $15.00

by Victor G. Berecz, Jr.
This 200+ page monograph is the definitive nglish-language history of the  airmail stamps and covers of Hungary from the late 1800s through World  War II. Heavily illustrated, the work includes an emphasis on Hungarian  pioneer airmails during and just after World War I. Backed by years of  wide-ranging scholarship and original discoveries, this is the epitome  of a single-country airmail handbook.
Softbound $15.00

by William Victor Kriebel.
This generously illustrated monograph traces the airlines and early airmail  services into and out of Brazil. Featured are chapters on airlines like  Varig, Condor, NYRBA, Aeropostale, LATI, and Pan Am. Included are many  reproductions of airmail stamps and covers, as well as historical  tables, maps, labels, and other Brazilian airmail material. 205 pages.
Softbound $15.00



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