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    American Philatelic Society

              The Publications of the American Air Mail Society are now available at the American Philatelic Society stores. The Airpost Journal which is linked to society membership is still available directly through the AAMS.



                The official journal of the American Air Mail Society is the Airpost Journal. This is a top quality full-color 48-page monthly journal that presents a diverse range of original articles (many based on new research), columns, features, reports and news of interest to aerophilatelists. More infomation about the Airpost Journal can be found on the Airpost Journal Page.

                The American Air Mail Catalogue is now in its Seventh Edition. This is a multi-volume set issued over a period of several years. Sixth Edition volumes 1-3 and the new Seventh Edition are now available from the American Philatelic Society website.

                  More information about the American Air Mail Catalogue and the AAMS specialized books can be found on the Catalogue/Books Page. All of the books listed are available through the American Philatelic Society website.

                The scope of AAMS publications is not limited to the United States but are world-wide.

               The Jack Knight Air Log was published from about 1943 through 2012. Publication was discontinued in March, 2012.

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