American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

Pushing the Envelope – David S. Ball


This Astrophilately exhibit provides an overview of pioneer rocketmail organized by experimenter. It begins with the world’s first rocketmail flight in 1928  by Friedrich Schmiedl. Key amateur rocket pioneers and their philatelic cargo are shown. The exhibit concludes with America’s first official missile mail in 1959.



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24 Cent “Jenny” – A.D. Jones, Joe Kirker, James O’Bannon, Pat Walters

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the first United States Airmail Stamp, this presentation includes the production history of the 24ct “Jenny”, (Scott C3/C3a) showing printing varieties, early flight cancellations, and various related period material including photos. It presents most of the material shown in the 5 frame exhibit but continues to include the next two United States Airmail Stamps, the 16ct and 6ct “Jenny” stamps. The initial 24 cent rate (C3) began on May 15, 1918. The rate was reduced to 16 cents (C2) on July 15, 1918 and again reduced to 6 cents (C1) on December 1, 1918.

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Lindbergh Flies the Mail – David S. Ball

From 1926 until 1931 Charles Lindbergh carried mail by air. When he began, envelopes carried in aircraft were a novelty. Following his transatlantic flight in 1927 interest in aviation exploded. Passenger service blossomed, commercial routes expanded, and Lindbergh himself become the world’s first celebrity.

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