American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

AAMS Updated Website

Dear fellow Aerophilatelist,
    Hopefully by now you have had a brief opportunity to see our upgraded website. It is our intent to give you a clean, easy to navigate feel with a understandable way to view the ways we collect. Since it was predominantly based on previously published headings going back to 1935 it may be that the title or direction may require attention. We trust that you will help in this endeavor. There also may be some pages that are no longer collected.
    As you assist us in populating these 47 (or so) pages we ask that you show pity on your poor Webmaster (and his lackeys). If you write more than the two to three paragraphs we are forced to either to publish far more introductory content or edit what you give us in order to fit the space. Remember, these 47 pages are launching pads (or in the case where no one longer collects, a grave) to get to more content. The single page will include URLs to societies and links to other resources so there is no need to share everything at once. The same is true with images. We know you want to send every cover in your collection but instead just send the best or most representative example. There remains much to do on the site and when you send us pages instead of the 2-3 paragraphs requested we get overwhelmed.
   Please send your articles to the webmaster decrotty(a) in MS Word Format or equivalent.  One example of an equivalent is Open Office which is readable by some versions of MS Word.  I think that Open Office also will save your document in MS Word format.  I highly recommend the image editor for scanning and editing your images.  Please send them as jpg or png formats and at 200 dpi (dots per inch).  Attach the document and image(s) to an email. We also use Dropbox to the same email address. Thanks much to those who have already contributed. We will be working with your submissions in the near future if they are not already posted.
    Please be patient as we work to bring you the new site you deserve.
David Crotty, Webmaster
David Ball, Lackey
Lee Downer, Lackey 1st Assistant