American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

What We Collect

As aerophilatelists we collect many kinds of airmail. Here you can find 47 different categories that have appeared as Sections in the American Air Mail Catalogue from the 1st Edition in 1935 through the 7th Edition with the latest volume published in 2017. Some are exceedingly narrow like Air Labels which are unlikely to be published in the future. Others, like Contract Air Mail, are expansive and will no doubt be updated with the next edition of that catalog is prepared.

Each Section has a page to explain how the subject is collected. In addition to a representative illustration, the page also tells what editions of the Catalogue the Section has previously been covered. If it is likely to be covered in an upcoming publication the page will say so. If a member is acting as contact on the subject it will be noted.|

We are still working on filling these topics.  Feel free to contact the AAMS president to provide your expertise for one of these topics.

FAM Foreign Air Mail Routes
CAM Contract Air Mail Routes
AM Contract Air Mail Routes
Crash Mail Covers
Inverted Jenny
Air Mail Postage Stamps
Polar Aero History
Pioneer Flight Covers
Airport Dedication Covers
First Flight Covers
U.S. Glider Flights
Canal Zone Air Mail
Alaska Flight Covers
Canada Air Mails
Balloon Flights
Catapult Flights
World Air Mail
National Air Mail Week
U.S. Airships
Amelia Earhart
Areial Propaganda
Air Mail Fields
U.S. Government Flights
Army Emergency Flights
Jet Service
Philippine Islands
Ryukyu Islands
U.S. Air Express
U.S. Glider Flights
Rocket Mail
DO-X Flights
TransPacific Mail
TransAtlantic Mail