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Polar Aerophilately

A. Collecting Polar Aerophilately

David S. Ball, RPSL

Polar aerophilately encompasses postal aerophilatelic and associated aero-subject items from, to, over or through either polar region or otherwise related to either or both of the earth’s extremes. Polar aerophilately is considered a distinct specialty because of the unique and often challenging and precarious nature of the aero events they document. Polar aerophilately is also distinct because it is a major component of both aerophilately and another distinctly recognized philatelic specialty-polar philately.

This field touches several other recognized collecting areas. It includes CAMs/FAMs, First Flights, Alaska, Pioneer airmail, Around the World, Airships, and Balloon mail. The geographic component that binds these disciplines together. It includes a rich history that stretches from 1820 to the present day. The exhibitor has a treasure trove of philatelic material in order to tell stories of adventure and exploration that are thrilling, nerve-wracking, joyous, and tragic.

The entire 7th Ed Vol.2 was dedicated to polar aerophilately. It will remain the indispensable resource on the subject for years to come. Active societies in the Americas and around the world will continue to support polar philately and represent excellent sources for collectors.



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7th Ed Vol. 2  2016 Vogel



B. Historic Polar Flight

David S. Ball, RPSL

Historic Polar Flight







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Historic Polar Flight