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Air Mails and Rates of Canada/Newfoundland 1st Edition

Air Mails and Rates of Canada/Newfoundland 1st Edition

The AMCN1 (Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland Catalog 1st Ed.) was published in 1997. That 1st Edition will be replaced by AMCN2 the 2nd Ed.  and sold through the American Air Mail Society’s cooperation with the American Philatelic Society’s  book store. The release date has not been determined at this writing.
The AMCN1 in the meantime will be available as a hard copy through the American Philatelic Soc. bookstore and from this post as a PDF:

Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland 1st Edition


Canada Air Mail Rates from 1925 to 2020

In 2013 as the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society worked on the new catalog,  Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland 2nd Ed. , it was determined that chapter 17 on Canadian air mail postage rates needed to be updated  At the time it was 17 pages. The chapter for the 2nd Ed. is now 40 pages, compiled by our webmaster.  The extended rate chapter is available here. Due to space requirements only a su0mmary of this booklet will end up in AMCN2 when published.

Canadian Air Mail Rates 1925- 2020


Newfoundland Post Office Circular Airmail Sections 1937-1949
In 2000, Jack Ince, a member of the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society obtained Air Mail Postage segments of the Newfoundland Post Office Circular that was published by the Newfoundland Post Office from 1937 to 1949. After this Newfoundland became a province of Canada.  Jack provide a booklet with this information.  In 2013 the booklet was summarized into a more readable form by our Webmaster. The new booklet is available here:

Summary of Newfoundland Air Mail Rates 1937-1949

Original Newfoundland Rates Jack Ince Post Office Circular 1937-1949