American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

Society Membership

The American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world, presently with about 800 members worldwide. It is a non-profit organization, qualified under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code as tax-exempt.

The Society promotes aerophilately through its publications, member auctions and an annual meeting held at major local and national stamp shows. It also holds a major airmail show every four or five years at the American Philatelic Society headquarters in Bellefonte, PA.

One most important contribution by the Society has been it’s set of the American Air Mail Catalogue which covers all areas of aerophilately. See our Catalogue Page.

The AAMS is a member of the International Federation of Aerophilatelic Societies (FISA).


 For New Membership or to Renew your membership:

 1.  Both US Residents and International Residents can Join or Renew by mail with a check drawn on a US Bank in US Dollars. If  you are a new member or if your information has changed, please also download the Membership Application Form, fill it out and send it in. If you pay by check, either as a US member or an International member, send your check and completed application (if needed) to AAMS P. O. Box 110 Mineola, NY 11501-0110 USA

2. International Residents outside the US  may use PayPal to pay for renewal or for new membership,  To use PayPal please make sure that you are a member of PayPal. You can then pay for a new membership or a renewal through PayPal by clicking the Join or Renew buttons in the table below. Note the amount you need to pay from this table and click the Join or Renew button and pay that amount through PayPal. Note that PayPal allows you to pay by Credit Card or by your PayPal Account.

If you are a new member or if your information has changed please click the  Membership Application Form. If you join as an International member and pay with PayPal, please send a completed application to AAMS  P. O. Box 110 Mineola, NY 11501-0110 USA

Annual Membership Fees include monthly delivery of the Airpost Journal (APJ). The printed APJ can be sent to you by Mail, or for a lower price it can be sent by emailed link to download it as a PDF.
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AAMS Membership & Benefits

AAMS membership is open to all who have an interest in or passion for airmail or aerophilately.

Membership includes a subscription to the Airpost Journal, the official monthly publication of the American Air Mail Society.

Airpost Journal Delivery: Members may choose to receive the Airpost Journal by normal mail to the member’s mailbox. Members may also receive the APJ by email. In this case, the member will receive a monthly email with a link. That link will allow the member to download the APJ to his/her computer. Note that the society must have your working email address.

Membership Benefits

For general membership inquiries, contact our Secretary (see the Contacts Page)

Being a cooperative group, organized solely to assist airmail collectors, the American Air Mail Society and all its departments and services are not operated for profit. All AAMS officers, managers, and writers serve without compensation. Proceeds from all AAMS Services and Publications are returned to regularly audited accounts to support the AAMS, a Non-Profit organization registered in the State of Ohio, with full U.S. Government Tax-Exempt status.