American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

AAMS President’s Award

AAMS President’s Award

                       Presented by the President of AAMS, in his/her sole discretion, in recognition of services to the American Air Mail Society.

             At the sole discretion and option of the AAMS President, a President’s Award may be given to any member deemed to merit special recognition.

            At the inception of this award in 1999, one such award was made. Multiple President’s Awards were given in 2002 and 2003. To maintain the high standard of recognition intended in giving this award, it is strongly recommended that only one President’s Award per year be given.

President Allen Klein
2002 Johnathan L. Johnson, Jr.
Robert B. Spooner
George K. Sioras
2003 Donald Allen Jones
Stephen Reinhard
Cheryl Ganz
Greg Schmidt
James W. Graue
President Sam Pezzillo
2004 Richard K. Malott
President Derrick Pillage
2005 William Drummond
President James Graue
2014 Allen Klein
Kent Kobersteen
President Lee Downer
  2015 David Crotty

President David Ball

David Ball

Cheryl Ganz