American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

Angers Memorial Award

 George W. Angers Memorial Award

In memory of this AAMS co-founder who, for almost four decades, rendered outstanding and unselfish service to the hobby of aerophilately and to the American Air Mail Society, this award is presented to a person who has rendered outstanding service to aerophilately.  The award is not restricted to members of the American Air Mail Society.

Criteria and Eligibility

The George W. Angers Memorial Award is for outstanding service to aerophilately. Outstanding service is characterized by a distinguished and prominent role in activities serving to increase participation in and the recognition, popularity, prominence and importance of aerophilately, evidenced by promotion, publicity, contributions, leadership, exhibiting, programs, seminars, publications or other significant aerophilatelic activities pursuant to the research, study, documentation and preservation of aerophilately.

Service in organized aerophilately, nationally and internationally, is included in the criteria for this award. However, service to the American Air Mail Society is the criteria for the Walter J. Conrath Memorial Award and should not be a major consideration for the George W. Angers Memorial Award.

The award is international in scope and is not restricted to members of AAMS.

This award was discontinued in 2012 as its criteria essentially duplicate those of the Aerophilatelic Hall of Fame.


1963 Margaret F. Angers
1965 J. J. Klemann, Jr.
1966 Dr. Max Kronstein
1967 Dr. Southgate Leigh
1970 Dr. Jan Boesman
1972 Captain Basil L. Rowe
1974 Francis J. Field (UK)
1976 Roland F. Kohl (Switzerland)
1978 Frank Muller (France)
1980 Philip Silver
1982 Earl H. Wellman
1984 Kurt Dahmann (Germany)
1986 Richard K. Malott (Canada)
1988 F. L. Da Silveira (Portugal)
1990 Frans J. van Beveren (Netherlands)
1992 Stephen Reinhard
1994 Cheryl R. Ganz
1996 Kuno Sollors (Germany)
1998 Reuben A. Ramkissoon
2000 Gerard Collot (France)
2002 Georges Lauwers (Belgium)
2004 Avidis Ketchian (Argentina)
2006 Alexandru “Dan” Bartoc(Romania)
2010 Derrick Pillage(UK)
2011 Don Amos (Canada)
2012 Murray Heifetz (Canada)