American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

Gatchell Literature Award

L. B. Gatchell Literature Award

Presented in honor of the late L. B. (Bart) Gatchell, long time editor of the American Air Mail Catalogue and Airpost Journal, to recognize the literary efforts of members whose articles appear in the Airpost Journal.  It is awarded to the best article, series, or regular feature published in the prior year. A serialized article is eligible for consideration after all parts have been published.


1975 Dr. Max Kronstein
1976 Patrick T. Tierney
1977 Thomas J. O’Sullivan
1978 Philip Silver
1979 L. J. Crampon & David Eyman
1980 Robert Schoendorf
1981 Dan Barber
1982 Barbara Baker
1983 Willis Adams
1984 Mike Shand
1985 Jonathan L. Johnson, Jr.
1986 Donald B. Holmes
1987 Arnold Engel
1988 Ralph Valles
1989 George R. Saqqal
1990 Ralph Valles
1991 Arthur E. Groton
1992 Stephen M. Robbins & Donald B. Holmes
1993 Egil H. Thomassen
1994 Robert J. Wilcsek
1995 Egil H. Thomassen
1996 John Provan
1997 Ricjard Beith
1998 Dieter Leder & Siegfried Scheicke
1999 Robert J. Wilcsek
2000 Robert J. Wilcsek
2001 Joe Kirker
2002 Pradip Jain
2003 Roger G. Schnell
2004 Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon
2006 Richard W. Helbock
2007 David E. Crotty
2008 Richard V. Helbock
2009 John Wilson
2010 Mike Ley
2011 Arthur H. Groten
2012 Alistar Watt-Australia
2013 Jerzy Kupiec-Weglinski & Jacek Kosmala
2014 Chris Hargreaves-Canada
2015 William Kreibel-USA
2016 Chris Hargreaves-Canada
2018 Lee Downer, USA, Treasure Hunting for CAM Covers
2018 James Hester, “TO 1350 American Export Airlines Challenges Pan Am Supremacy”
2019 Don Lussky. “It Happened XX Years Ago This Month” April, November & December 2019 Airpost Journaldssd
2020 Roger Harris. ” Pioneer Aviation in the Channel Islands-Dawn to 1947″: