American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

Walter J. Conrath Memorial Award

Walter J. Conrath Memorial Award

            Presented in honor of the late Walter J. Conrath, who contributed unselfishly to the growth and welfare of the American Air Mail Society, to a member who has rendered outstanding service to the Society.

Criteria and Eligibility

The Walter J. Conrath Memorial Award is for outstanding service to the American Air Mail Society. The award recognizes distinguished and extended service to the Society, evidenced by a prominent role in the Society leadership and direction, activities serving to increase membership and participation, contributions, exhibiting, programs and seminars, and/or major important contributions to or activity in the Society publications programs.

Service in broader organized aerophilately, nationally and internationally, is not included in the criteria for this award. Service to the American Air Mail Society is the sole criteria for the Walter J. Conrath Memorial Award.


1943 Geroge W. Angers
1944 L. B. Gatchell
1945 Richard L. Singley
1946 Ernest A. Kehr
1949 George D. Kingdom
1951 Grace Conrath
1953 Jesse G. Johnson
1955 John P. V. Heinmuller
John J. Smith
1957 Rafael Oriol
1959 Ruth T. Smith
1961 Joseph L. Eisendrath
Robert W. Murch
1963 James J. Matejka, Jr.
1964 Lester S. Manning
1966 Robert E. Haring
1968 Dr. Perham C. Nahl
1971 Donald E. Dickason
William T. Wynn, Jr.
1973 William R. Ware
1975 William R. Alley
Frank H. Blumenthal
1977 Samuel S. Goldsticker, Jr.
1979 Florence Kleinert
Herman Kleinert
1981 William N. Mead
1983 Don Lussky
1985 Thomas J. O’Sullivan
1987 Robert Outlaw
1989 Dan Barber
1993 Jonathan L. Johnson, Jr.
1995 Greg Schmidt
1997 James W. Graue
1999 Dr. Robert E. Lana
2001 Philip McCarty
2003 Robert B. Spooner
2005 Allen Donald Jones
2007 Ken Sanford
2009 Dr. Roger Schnell, RDP
2011 no award
2013 Derrick Pillage
2015 Rudy Joy
2016 no award
2017 Joe Kirker
2018  Alan Lieberman