American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

Wellman Award

Earl and Fred Wellman Award

Presented in honor of the late Earl and Fred Wellman, founder and successor sustaining force of the Jack Knight Collectors Club and Aerophilatelic Federation of the Americas (AFA), to recognize the literary effort of members whose articles appear in The Jack Knight Air Log. The award is for the article, series, or regular feature promoting or encouraging aerophilately in the prior year.
Publication of The Jack Knight Air Log was discontinued in 2012 along with this award.

1995 Dr. Edward R. Farmer
1996 George K. Sioras
1997 Mario Riosa
1998 Stephen Neulander
1999 Dr. Richard H. Saundry
2000 Christopher Hargreaves
2001 Dr. Richard Saundry
2002 Cheryl Ganz and Jim Hill
2003 George K. Sioras
2004 Maureen Lynch: The Balloon Post Specialist (series)
2006 William Kriebel
2007 William Kriebel
2009 Christopher “Chris” Hargreaves
2010 Maureen Lynch
2012 Chery Ganz and Jim Hill “The Zeppelin Collector” series