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Welcome to the American Air Mail Society News page.  Here we will provide up to date listings for:

  1. Regular Auction notices will be posted here when we start a new auction. The actual auction listing will be posted on the Auctions page on the start date.  We have about four to eight auctions each year.  We also post price results of the auctions.
  2. Each month we post that month’s issue of the Airpost Journal. (APJ), for members. We also send monthly email to all members with a link to download that month’s PDF issue of the APJ.
  3. The NEWS and the Conventions pages will have information for the AAMS Conventions that will be held once a year at regular APS credited stamp shows.
  4. Our News Page also has a reminder that we have airmail related books and other literature on sale. The APS maintains a bookstore that includes our books, CDs and catalogs. Our list of publications is found by clicking from the Home page: Resources and then Publications.
  5. AAMS Official Announcements will be placed in these pages. Scroll down a few pages to view.

Classified Want Ads

Want Ads

The website has a Classified Want Ad page available to members only.  To answer these ads contact the subscriber directly using the address shown.

To submit a new ad or comment on the ad, send a message to the

Want ads will be kept for abouit six months unless we hear from the subscriber for further instructions.

AAMC 5th Edition Available to Members

AAMS Catalog 5th Edition

A friend of the American Air Mail Society scanned all six volumes of the AAMC 5th Edition.  This edition has been sold out for about 15 years.  New volumes are in progress and some new Volume 6 and 7 are now available from the website Resources/Publications page.

However as members of the AAMS you are invited to download this very useful collection of six volumes for your own presonal use. Note that Volume 5 had a cumulative index for all 5 volumes.

On this website click on Resources/Publications/AAMS Catalog 5th Edition

AAMS Auction 311



  Auction 311 Starts July 21 and ends September 21, 2019


Auction 311 Advertisement
This Auction will appear in the Auctions page on July 21, 2019 at 1 AM US EST


Auction 311 Advertisement



AAMS Books For Sale

AAMS Books Available at APS Store

        All AAMS books and Catalogs are now available through the American Philatelic Society stores.
The AAMS Catalog Sixth Edition Volumes 1-3 and the Seventh Edition Volumes 1 and 2, as well as 14 air mail related books are available.

Now Available from the APS Store: AAMS Catalog Volume 2 Polar Philately
See Publications Catalogs, Books & CD page.

AAMS Auction 310


  Auction 310 Starts May 25 and ends July 20, 2019


Auction 310 Advertisement

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