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Swiss Airmail Exhibits

Exhibits of Swiss Airmail by George Struble


A. Development of Swiss Airmail up to 1939, George Struble

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Development of Swiss Airmail 

Some awards given this exhibit
 “Development of Swiss Airmail up to 1939”
    Grand award and AAMS Grand award, PIPEX 2014
    Grand award, INDYPEX 2014
    Gold award at NABA 2018 (highest level show in Switzerland)
B. SCADTA Mail from and to Switzerland, George Struble
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   Scadta Mail from and to Switzerland
Some Awards given to this exhibit
 “SCADTA Mail To and From Switzerland”
    Grand award, NOJEX 2015
    Grand award, RMSS 2017
    Gold  award, NABA 2018
    Gold  award, SEAPEX 2019