American Air Mail Society Founded 1923

Commercial Zeppelin Mail

COMMERCIAL ZEPPELIN MAIL 1928-1937 – Dickson Preston

          Graf Zeppelin in Brazil

The Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg flew scheduled transatlantic airmail for five years during which heavier-than-air craft could not yet fly across the Atlantic on a regular basis. The extensive display of commercial mail seen in this exhibit shows the contribution these airships made to an important chapter of airmail postal history.

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   Chapter 1 1928-1937 Commercial Zeppelin Mail
   Chapter 2 1932 Graf Zeppelin Mail
   Chapter 3 1933 Graf Zeppelin Mail 
   Chapter 4 1934 Graf Zeppelin Mail
    Chapter 5 1935 Graf Zeppelin Mail                                        
   Chapter 6 1936 Zeppelin Mail                                                                               
   Chapter 7 1936 Hindenburg to South America                                                   
   Chapter 8 1936 Hindenburg to North America
   Chapter 9 End of Zeppelin Airmail   


             Zeppelin Cover with Postage Meter Stamp


                    Zeppelin Cover with Stamps